Kwak Law FirmImage by bclinesmith via FlickrFirm or Law firm denotes a lawyer or lawyers in a private firm; or a lawyer or lawyers employed in the legal department of a corporation, legal services organization, or other organization, or in a unit of government.

Fitness denotes those qualities of physical, mental and psychological health that enable a person to discharge a lawyers responsibilities to clients in conformity with the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct. Normally a lack of fitness is indicated most clearly by a persistent inability to discharge, or unreliability in carrying out, significant obligations.

Fraud or Fraudulent denotes conduct having a purpose to deceive and not merely negligent misrepresentation or failure to apprise another of relevant information.

Knowingly, Known, or Knows denotes actual knowledge of the fact in question. A persons knowledge may be inferred from circumstances.

VAL VERDE County  Criminal Defense Attorneys  Andy Nolen and Associates have over 39 years collective experience representing persons accused of committing criminal violations of State and Federal law. Andy Nolen has had many hundreds of criminal cases dismissed.  Having your case dismissed is always the primary objective.

DEL RIO, Texas Criminal Attorney Andy Nolen treats every person they represent as if they were a friend and neighbor.   When you call, likely Andy Nolen will answer your call himself.  You will be dealing with Attorneys, not secretaries, assistants, or answering machines.

If we can be of any assistance, or you just want to talk about your situation, please call  Val Verde  County Criminal Defense Attorney Andy Nolen at 713-697-4373.

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